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I am the founder and owner of My Inmortal Words LLC.

I am an avid writer who has published and won awards. So, writing is what I am naturally good at. It is what I do! It's my passion. 

As good as I am at writing, I know it doesn't come as easy for others. That is why I offer my writing services: to help others with emotional writing.

So...what IS emotional writing? 

It is the ability to express and describe emotions (whether it's to make the reader laugh, cry, feel empathy, etc) with the cunning use of words. 

How do I know I am so good at it?

It's effortless to me. Plus, I have been doing it my whole life. For myself or for others.

I have this gift. I can listen to somebody or read something they wrote and with whatever small piece they can give me, I can create a written masterpiece. 

Gloating aside, I put my best writing foot forward to offer those who need my writing services, so they can have some peace of mind that whatever love has or will bring them, at least they don't have to worry about the 'writing part'.

I am here when you need me.

All my love,