Soul Mates and Twin Flames: What is the difference?

In this day and age, we have heard the term soul mate before. It has been mentioned in romantic movies and books, when the hero and heroine make a romantic connection and declare themselves ‘soul mates’.

Soul mate has been a term to describe a deep connection between two people. And this connection is not necessarily always romantic. It can also be a word to associate the deep friendship and bond between two individuals. However and wherever you have heard the word soul mate,  it has been defined as a deep bond between two people.

But have you ever heard of the term twin flame?

The term twin flame is not as commonly known as soul mate. Twin flame is exactly what the word claims: one person who is your twin. Both of you share deep commonalities that are not always apparent from the outside, but can be felt between you two on a very personal level.

Keep in mind, if you are already familiar with these terms and you don’t agree with my opinion, realize that this is from my own experience and beliefs and is not in any way supported by facts. Take what you find useful and true. Then throw the rest away and forget about it.

Now let’s talk about the differences that I have noticed between soul mates and twin flames:

  1. You can have more than one soul mate but only ONE twin flame.

Soul mates are people you have a connection to most likely because of past life experiences. Whatever the reason for your connection, they are in your life as guides that help teach you and support you in your life’s journey.

There can be soul mates who are temporary and those who are more permanent. Essentially, soul mates are almost always there for karmic reasons and to help your soul thrive and learn to prepare for the next part of your soul’s journey.

Twin flames are only one. Every person has one twin flame. Mind you, not everybody gets the chance to meet theirs in their lifetimes. But when they do, it can be a unique experience for both.

  1. Soul mates are more obvious than twin flames when it comes to connection.

This is what confused me a lot when trying to differentiate between the two. Soul mates are more obvious because most of the time the connection is pleasant and familiar. Because soul mates are more likely to have met in past lives, they feel ‘familiar’ and the energy between the individuals feels more ‘flowy’ and smooth.

If and when someone meets their twin flame, it can be somewhat confusing. The connection is there and it is felt by both parties, but not always recognized by both on what it is exactly. My description to that would be like looking in the mirror. We don’t always recognize ourselves in the mirror because we have a certain ‘image’ in our head of what we look like. So, the realization can be a little bit of a surprise, and sometimes even shocking. That is the same feeling between twin flames. To put it lightly, it can also be a bit awkward. Because both individuals might have had different cultural upbringings and backgrounds. You know? The whole ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ thing? The obviousness might be a little cloudy until both individuals are ready to face each other and recognized what it is that they share. What I mean by that is, our twin flames show us a part of ourselves that we might not be ready to see or acknowledge, so the experience might not always be pleasant.

  1. Soul mates and twin flames in relationships.

Since most of us have more than one soul mate, the likelihood of us being in a relationship with one is high. Depending on our karmic situation, we will encounter what I call either ‘soul mates from Heaven’ or ‘soul mates from Hell’. Both serve a purpose to teach our Soul something in that lifetime. They are there to guide us and teach us something that we can carry with us in our Soul, and essentially throughout our lives and into the next one.

The terms are pretty self-explanatory: we will have soul mates that are there to teach us a karmic lesson of some sort and the experience might not be very pleasant even if there is a connection there. And there will be those soul mates that we have a connection with and the experience is all in all, a happy one.

Twin Flames can be both. Since they are a reflection of us in some way or another as we are to them, being in a relationship can be a bit of a struggle or it can be euphoric. They are always there to reflect something about us back and it can be overwhelming if we are not ready to face that side of ourselves. It varies with each twin flame relationship.

  1. Soul mates may end but twin flames follow.

There are soul mates out there that are only in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Some of them we end our karmic relationship with quickly and we can choose subconsciously to never see them again. It’s sort of like ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’ as the Lenny Kravitz song goes that he supposedly wrote for Lisa Bonet. I am not sure what relationship they had, but it was something deep. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are twin flames…I say that because being in a relationship with a twin flame is so fiery and full of passion that the flames that might have burnt hot and bright between them can easily burn out quickly. It doesn’t mean the twin flames would never see each other again. Quite the contrary. In a twin flame relationship, they will see each other again or at least just be connected to each other in their Soul’s journey. So, they may not see each other physically for a few months, years or lifetimes. But the connection remains, always.

  1. Soul mate chords/connections can be cut when twin flames cannot.

What do I mean by ‘chord’?

Everyone we have a connection to, I believe there is an invisible chord that connects us to them. It can be because of some sort of emotional attachment which can be temporary once the emotional part fades. It can be a soul mate attachment, which is deeper than emotional attachments, until the karmic relationships ends. However, in the twin flame case, the chord is unbreakable. It is extremely hard to permanently break the connection between twin flames. When someone tries, it feels almost like they’re cutting themselves in half. It’s almost impossible.

  1. How do you know if somebody is a twin flame?

This is a million dollar question and it is worth contemplating. Here are a few things you will notice if you ever have the honor of meeting your twin flame:

  1. When you meet them there will be an instant sense of recognition in your connection to them.

  2. You will feel their thoughts, which can make it hard for both of you to be around each other.

  3. You will love each other or hate each other deeply.

  4. They might disappear or not be around at all, but you can still feel each other.

  5. If you are not around each other, you will think of each other.

  6. You miss them terribly when they’re not around.

  7. When they are around, there is nowhere else you would rather be.

  8. When you’re alone with them you are very comfortable or very uncomfortable.

  9. They will visit you in your dreams often as you will visit them.

  10. You will have a lot of behavioral commonalities and interests, even if they’re subtle.

  11. Their opinion means a lot to you.

  12. You can’t bear the thought of losing them or imagine not being connected to them in some way.

  13. You can love them and hate them from one moment to another but still feel you need them.

  14. You understand them and why they do what they do more than anybody else.

Those were a few examples on the differences between a soul mate and a twin flame. What are your thoughts? Comment below, I’d love to hear your experiences!

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